Non Accredited Education Applicant

4. How do I apply for PLAR?

Step 1:

Applicants seeking registration as opticians in the province of Ontario who have been educated at a non-accredited school within Canada or have been educated and/or licensed outside of Canada must complete and submit the package below. Please contact Melanie Caione, Manager, Professional Programs at or at 416-368-3616, extension 205 if you require any further information.

  1. Completed PLAR application form: For Applicants from a Non-Accredited Opticianry Program
  2. Completed Dispensing Experience & Fittings Form
  3. Completed Previous Registration Form
  4. Letter from employer: To verify your practice experience. The letter should detail the following: 
    • Name of employer
    • Full mailing address of employer
    • Start and end date of employment
    • Your job duties
    • Approximate number of hours of actual dispensing experience (lab work not eligible)
    • Number of EG and CL fittings you have done
  5. Resume : Which details your work experience in opticianry
  6. Transcript from educational institution(s): If you have completed any education in opticianry or related to opticianry (e.g. Optometry, etc.)
  7. Copy of diploma or degree from educational institution: If you have completed any education in opticianry or related to opticianry (e.g. Optometry, etc.)
  8. Student Record : Only required from applicants who have graduated from BC College of Optics
  9. Documentation to verify legal name: You are required to submit a notarized photocopy of your current passport or driver’s license or birth certificate (accompanied by a second piece of identification with your legal name e.g. Health Card).
  10. Documentation to verify any examinations you have completed: Related to opticianry.
  11. Proof of Language Proficiency: An applicant must be able to speak and write either English or French with reasonable fluency. If the applicant’s primary language is not English or French, and if the applicant graduated from a school / university where the language of instruction is not English or French, the applicant must demonstrate proficiency by achieving the score acceptable to the College on one of the approved tests outlined in the Language Proficiency Policy (PDF)

    The Registration Committee has developed a flow-chart that outlines the process outlined above.

  12. Assessment of your academic credentials and a comparison to Ontario educational standards from WES (World Education Services) * Only required of applicants applying from a country outside of Canada. A course-by-course evaluation is required. WES evaluations must be submitted from WES directly to the College in a sealed letterhead envelope.

The cost of the WES assessment is the responsibility of the applicant.
WES may be contacted at:
     World Education Services
     45 Charles Street East, Suite 700
     Toronto, ON. M4Y 1S2
     Tel: 416-972-0070, 866-343-0070
     Fax: 416-972-9004

  1. PLAR Application Fee: in the amount of $169.50 (13% HST included). Please note that the application fee is non-refundable.

If any of the above documents are not available, please provide a written explanation as to why you are unable to provide them. Incomplete applications that do not include written explanations will not be processed. 

For applicants applying from a country outside of Canada the initial application, or step 1 above, may be completed from outside of Canada. The College encourages applicants to begin the process prior to their arrival in Canada.

The Registration Committee has developed a flow-chart that outlines the process outlined above.

Internationally Educated Applicant Policy [PDF]
Language Proficiency Policy [PDF]

Step 2

Upon the review of the application and supporting documents, the Registration Committee may: Direct the applicant undergo a further assessment of his / her prior learning and experience.  This is not an exam, but a tool for the Registration Committee to verify that the applicant’s current level of knowledge and skill in the practice of opticianry is comparable to applicants educated in Ontario. The fee for eyeglass assessment is $678.00 (includes 13% HST) the fee for contact lens assessment is $678.00 (includes 13% HST).

Step 3

After the Registration Committee review has been completed, the applicant will be notified of the decision in writing. The Registration Committee may make any one of the following decisions:

The Committee will provide every applicant with written reasons for the decision and the decision may be appealed to the College’s internal Registration Appeals Panel (RAP). The decisions made by RAP may be appealed to the Health Professions Review and Appeal Board.