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Health regulators work for you. Our job is to make sure you receive safe, quality care from regulated health professionals. We are here to protect you.

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Staff Directory

The College of Opticians of Ontario
90 Adelaide Street W., Suite 300, Toronto, ON M5H 3V9

Phone: 416-368-3616
Toll-Free (Ontario): (800) 990-9793
Fax: 416-368-2713
Toll-Free Fax (Ontario): (800) 990-9698

The College of Opticians of Ontario

Office Hours
Monday – Friday
Please note: On-site business is by appointment only.
Please email mail@coptont.org to schedule a visit.


For general inquiries and information about the Public Register

Phone: 416-368-3616
Toll-Free (Ontario): (800) 990-9793

Registration Services

For inquiries relating to registration status and processes, including initial registration, registration renewal and registrant information changes

Phone: 416.368.3616 ext. 203

Professional Conduct

For inquiries relating to complaints, unauthorized practice and discipline

Phone: 416.368.3616 ext.213

Professional Programs

For inquiries relating to national examinations and prior learning assessments

Phone: 416.368.3616 ext. 205

Quality Assurance

For inquiries relating to the
quality assurance program

Phone: 416.368.3616 ext. 205

Professional Practice
Support Program

For inquiries relating to individualized practice advice from the College's Practice Advisor on standards of practice, regulations, scope of practice, workplace issues, expectations of the profession, and newsletters.

Phone: 416.368.3616 ext. 210

Executive Office

For inquiries relating to regulatory matters, stakeholder relations, and practice advice

Registrar: 416.368.3616
Fazal Khan (Registrar)

For inquiries relating to
Finance and Operations

Deputy Registrar: 416.368.3616 ext. 208