Quality Assurance Program Fees

Effective January 1, 2018, the following Quality Assurance Program Fees will be added to the College's by-laws:

  1. Late Professional Portfolio Fee of $50 (plus HST): This fee will be applied to opticians who are asked to submit their professional portfolio and do so past the due date set by the QA Committee.
  2. Deficient Professional Portfolio Fee of $100 (plus HST): This fee will be applied to opticians whose professional portfolio requires review by the QA Committee because they have not completed the accredited continuing education (CE) requirements of the professional portfolio. 
  3. Peer and Practice Assessment Fee of $850 (plus HST): This fee will be applied when the QA Committee requires an optician to complete an assessment of their practice because the optician did not completed their Professional Portfolio requirements or did not fully engaged in the Competency Review and Evaluation (CRE) process.  Opticians who are asked to complete a peer assessment because of their multi-source feedback survey (MSF) results will not be required to pay the assessment fee.

Please contact us by email at qa@coptont.org or by telephone at (416) 368-3616 extension 205 with any questions regarding the new Quality Assurance Program Fees.

Professional Portfolio requirements due December 31st 

This is a final reminder that the deadline for all opticians to complete their Professional Portfolio requirements is December 31st. Please contact us by email at qa@coptont.org or by telephone at
 (416) 368-3616 extension 209 with any questions regarding your Professional Portfolio requirements.

Notice re: Inquires, Complaints and Reports Committee Outcomes

For members who have complaints or registrar's reports made against them, there are a number of important changes to how the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC) deals with these matters.

For ICRC decisions made after January 1, 2017, the following ICRC outcomes are posted on the public register, which is published on the College's website:

  • Oral cautions
  • Specified continuing education or remediation programs (SCERPs)
  • Undertakings

Oral cautions and SCERPs will now be posted on the public register indefinitely, pursuant to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), as amended on May 30, 2017. 

Other changes include new ICRC powers to make interim orders at an earlier stage of the proceeding.

For more information about recent changes to the RHPA, please click here 

Additional Resource:  Updated RHPA

Public Register Changes 

Transparency Initiatives and Bylaw Changes

The College has made Transparency a priority over the past year. As a result, Council adopted new by-law requiring additional information about Ontario opticians to be posted on the College's Public Register

Transparency is not just about making more information public – it is also about making the information we share accessible and easy to understand.

Change in our Registration Status Definitions

We have updated our registration status definitions to make it clearer to the public those members who are eligible to practise the profession and those members who are not.

Entitled to Practise (formerly 'Current and Active')

If your registration status listed on the Public Register is "Entitled to Practise", this means that you have submitted A COBI, or 'Certificate of Being Insured (Under a Professional Liability Insurance Policy)' Form to the College attesting that  you are  insured under a professional liability insurance policy for  the current registration year, and are therefore entitled to practise.

Not Entitled to Practise (formerly 'Current and Inactive')

If your registration status listed on the Public Register is "Not Entitled to Practise", this means that you have submitted an "Undertaking" declaration to the College that you will NOT engage in the practice of opticianry, including the dispensing of Eye Glasses, Contact Lenses, and Subnormal Vision Devices and the supervision or direction of a registered student optician or a registered intern optician, in Ontario, during the current registration year.

How do I change my Registration Status?

Should you wish to change your registration status with the College please submit either a completed  COBI or Undertaking Form to the College, by fax or email, along with a Change of Address Form.

December 14, 2016 – In an effort to protect Ontario patients, the College, in partnership with the College of Optometrists of Ontario, has initiated a legal proceeding against Essilor Group of Canada Inc./Clearly.

Essilor is the company that runs the online retailer Clearly. For many years it has been dispensing prescription eyewear to patients in Ontario without the direct involvement of an optician, optometrist, or physician who is licensed to practise in Ontario. This is a violation of provincial law.

Prescription glasses and contact lenses are medical devices. If improperly dispensed, they can cause sight-threatening injury. For this reason, Ontario law specifies that only registered opticians, optometrists, and physicians be allowed to perform such a procedure.

The College understands that the internet can be a safe source for ordering eyewear, but it cannot support practices that break the law.

Want to know more about the injunction we're seeking? Here is the press release.
Want to know more about the act of dispensing? Here are some FAQs.

Members Section

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