Evidence of Insurance

COBI: Certificate of Being Insured
(Under a Professional Liability Insurance Policy) Form

Under the Registration Regulation, all opticians must have professional liability insurance coverage of not less than $1,000,000. In an effort to streamline and expedite the professional liability insurance verification process the College has implemented a ‘Certificate of Being Insured (Under a Professional Liability Insurance Policy)’ Form (COBI).

The COBI is a written confirmation from the registrant attesting that he/she is insured under a professional liability insurance policy for the year in which he/she is renewing or reinstating their certificate of registration. As a result, registrants are no longer required to provide the College with a copy of their professional liability insurance policy, but instead must submit the signed original COBI at the time of his/her renewal or reinstatement for the respective year of registration.

The COBI is legally binding. Therefore, if a registrant who has signed the COBI is later found to have not had professional liability insurance at anytime throughout the year for which they had renewed or reinstated their certificate of registration, such falsification may be considered an act of professional misconduct and the registrant’s certificate of registration as an optician may be subject to suspension. Please note that a COBI does not replace professional liability insurance coverage. It is advised that each registrant retain a copy of their professional liability insurance policy in the case that the College may require proof of being insured.

Please note that insurance expiry dates vary and may not necessarily coincide with your renewal date. It is the responsibility of each registrant to either renew or replace their insurance policy prior to its date of expiry in order to avoid any potential allegations of professional misconduct.

Undertaking Form

If you are not currently dispensing, but would like to renew your certificate of registration for the current year, you are not required to complete the COBI. However, you must submit a signed Undertaking Form declaring that you will NOT engage in the practice of opticianry, including the dispensing of eye glasses, contact lenses, and subnormal vision devices; and that you shall NOT supervise or provide direction to any registered student optician or registered intern optician in Ontario during the current renewal year. Please note that a breach of undertaking shall be considered an act of professional misconduct for the purposes of clause 51(1)(C) of the Health Professions Procedural Code.

Should you decide to commence dispensing at anytime during the current registration year you must first obtain professional liability insurance coverage and complete the COBI. Once you have submitted the COBI providing proof of professional liability insurance to the College, your status will be changed from current and inactive to current and active. At this time you will also be required to provide the College with an updated business address.

Not Currently Practicing but have Professional Liability Insurance

If you are renewing for the current registration year and you are not currently practicing but have professional liability insurance coverage, you must submit a COBI to the College. Your status with the College will be recorded as current and active and your business address will be listed as the address you designate as such for the Public Register. Please note that should you decide to commence dispensing you must provide your business address to the College.