The following applies to applications made within three years from the date of suspension

Thank you for your interest in reinstating your certificate of registration (certificate) as a Registered Optician with the College of Opticians of Ontario (the ‘COO’).

The following requirements must be met in order for an applicant to be eligible for reinstatement. These include submission of the following:

  1. Application Form: Completed ‘Optician Reinstatement Application Form’;

  2. Combined reinstatement and renewal fee: All fees include HST and must be made payable to the COO by either Visa or MasterCard. Payment by personal cheque, certified cheque, money order or cash is not accepted and will be returned;

  3. Two, identical colour passport-sized photographs: Must be signed by you on the reverse;

  4. Certificate of Being Insured under a Professional Liability Insurance Policy Form (‘COBI’), OR ‘Undertaking Form: Click here to learn more about the COBI or undertaking requirements;

  5. Application Processing Declaration Form: Only applicable to applicants who are applying between October and December of any calendar year;

  6. Documentation to verify any change in your legal name: If the name you were previously registered under with the COO has changed, you are required to submit a notarized photocopy of either, your current passport, driver’s license, or birth certificate. You are required to submit secondary proof (e.g. marriage certificate, court certificate) of your legal name if you are submitting your birth certificate and the name that appears on it is different than your current legal name. Additionally, if you have changed your legal name you will be required to order a new wall ‘Certificate of Registration’ at the cost of $56.50 (HST included). This payment should be included with your combined reinstatement and renewal fee. The COO issues a new photographic identification badge at the time of reinstatement; the cost for the badge is covered in your reinstatement fee;

  7. Documentation to verify any change in your immigration status in Canada: You are required to provide updated documentation to verify your immigration status if you are a permanent resident or holder of a work permanent or a student visa in Canada and your documentation has expired.

  8. Proof of education completed inside or outside of opticianry: If applicable;

  9. Details of any ‘Conduct Declaration’: If you answer ‘YES’ to any of the conduct questions, please provide full details including any relevant documentation. For further guidance, please also click here to refer to the Registration Policy dealing with 'Convictions, Findings and Ongoing Proceedings'.

  10. Details if not in good standing in ‘Concurrent Registration Location(s)’: Provide full details as requested on the application form if you are currently registered/license to practice opticianry or, another regulated profession other than opticiancry, in a province other than Ontario or, in another country other than Canada.

Processing Timeline and Mailing Instructions:

The processing of the reinstatement application is approximately 8 weeks from the date of receipt. For specific information regarding our registration timelines please click here. Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your application please contact registration@coptont.org .

Please submit all documents via mail to:

College of Opticians of Ontario
90 Adelaide Street W., Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5H 3V9

Final Approval

Once the applicant has received final approval of their reinstatement application, they will receive a package by mail containing:

  1. A letter confirming approval of the reinstatement;
  2. A new photographic identification badge
  3. A confirmation of payment receipt;
  4. A Certificate of Registration Certificate Renewal Validation Decal